Lady of Autumn

Posted October 28th, 2007 at 07:01pm

There she stands, on the crest of a hill, silent, and faceless. A pillar of inspiration before a backdrop of sky made beautiful by her presence. Her silence is calling out to me. Comforting me.

The clouds, the sky, the colors, the feel of something forgotten. Something on the verge of memory, there in the darkness, just past the light of memories illuminated lays the assurance of something so grand it's impossible to reach. The world stops and my breath is taken from me so quickly and forcefully tears begin to form. This massive pounding in my chest it feels as if my heart will explode. Just then, a nameless emotion surfaces from the depths of my heart and washes away all fear and anxiety. Be at ease, all is well. Be at ease


When I wrote this I wrote it full of hope. Hope that maybe things well go well with the person that I care for. When I read it, after writing it, I noticed that it held symbols that are hidden between the lines. The faceless girl on the hill is someone that I can never reach. The pounding in my chest is of pain, of grief, and most of all loneliness. The last two sentences I added simply to make myself feel better, to lie to myself about the situation. I should be used to the way this ended, but for some reason this felt real to me. It felt so real that I put all of my eggs in one basket, but that basket came crashing down. So now I'm left with nothing inside, except for a creeping sadness that always seemed to be around. Now that situation is over and I struggle to move forward

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