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Over Price Parking

Posted October 31st, 2007 at 12:43am

Okay so then I got up and went down to Downtown LA looking for the Company Verizon right I walk all over 6th, 7th, 8th, and a little of 9th Street right the time passing by and it's been about 2 hours a little less so I gave up and just walk back to the Parking Lot from what I see at the Board and Signs it says $8 Max Whole Day Parking or $3 for 15 Minutes $8 Max Whole Day Parking or $60 Monthly Pass Parking that's f***ing expensive and then guess what I though $8 was already expensive but hay what can we do right I drove out and put my Parking Ticket in the Machine (there is no one there taking cash) so it came up it said a Total Fee of $18.80 WHAT THE F*** in less then 2 hours that's like what $10 an hour for f***ing Parking that's f***ing ridiculous I though it was a typo and it's an extra $1 at the front right but it's not it's a whopping $18.80 like damn that's expensive and guess what I finally know where that freaking building is now I actually walk pass it a few times also asking people where it is and they all responded me "I don't know" BULL SHIT LOL oh wells what's done is done and if I don't pay I can't go out right and the time is still clicking so pay it with Credit Card only now or it will bounce out and cost more for every second shit ha-ha guess what I'm going back tomorrow again because I know where it is now also when you see Parking Lots outside in Downtown LA seeing from $5 - $10 Max Whole Day ($5 - $8 Max Parking Lot are mostly all Full) it's F***ING WORTH IT LOL not to mention the Time Meters Parking is like what $0.05 is like a minutes something $0.10 is about a little over 2 minutes and then a whopping $0.25 is like a little over 4 minutes so if you add that shit up it's still f***ing expensive LOL but yeah now I know to park at those Parking Lots then the dumb Ticket Machine ones so tips for those who goes down to Downtown LA get ready for the Parking Fees and if you already know it then tough luck for me huh LOL ~_~



My Loaf of Bread


Sitting on the busy streets,

People passing by my face,

With only a small single bite,

I began to eat my loaf of bread,


He snuck around without any trace,

I slowly turn around face to face,

He slowly snag my lunch away,

And push me down on my face,


I got back up and turn around,

There he was eating my loaf of bread,

He slowly turns around and walks away,

I stood there yelling "watch out behind",


As it came the bus breaks away,

There goes my loaf of bread

The bus just ended with the day



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