Posted October 31st, 2007 at 09:05am

when you are down and out because someone you love broke your heart just remember that life goes on. have faith and hope and know that things will get better as time passes by. "expect the worst but hope for the best" live by these words. just keep in mind that if that relationship doesnt work out then someone out there loves you even more. never let yourself keep you down. there is someone out there that loves to see you smile and is falling in love with it as we speak. so keep your head up, keep smiling and stay happy. also if that relationship didnt work out then that means you still have more to learn and more to give. no matter how much it hurts you must be able to risk your heart again in order to find love. you cant hold on to someone that doesnt want to be held on to. if you cant save it then at least save your pride. loving someone doesnt necessarily mean you have to end up with that person because sometime fate has the tendency to fool us. but just keep in mind that someone out there holds the keys to your heart, you just havent found the right set.

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Male, Age Private, Oakland, CA


I know what you're saying. Many people often refer to that "special someone," as you mentioned in your blog, as their soulmate. Sometimes it takes like forever to find them. But for others, it could be as simple as someone right in front of their face. Whomever that person may be, though, can't be done with force. You must be patient and approach them with kindness and love. Willing to swallow your pride when you are in the heat of anger, but firm and strong in your commitment to each other. It is deep! Like yourself, your message is both positive and passionate. As always, keep the faith and stay fly.

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