Why, "Cupid"

Posted November 02nd, 2007 at 12:03pm

A question that I've been asked a thousand times. Well let me save you the trouble. But first a little History, Cupid was the son of Venus, half brother to Icarus and the Geminis (Polux and Castor), Like his brother Icarus he has wings but is more of a lover and was used as the icon for Valentine's day and often displayed in a diper because of love's innocence and the result of love's actions, children. I am not this representation. I am a Poet, and I often write on love, loneliness and other matters of the heart. That and the fact that I started writing on Valentines day kind of got me the title back in my High School days. So the direct answer to why Cupid is because It stuck that's why, do you really need to know any way, and further more what does your name mean? When you're ready to answer that Please just drop me a line. And bTW just to get this out, Cupid was the SON of Venus, so for the love of God, Don't think I'm a girl, or Gay for that matter, I love women, but I couldn never be one, and though I have love for my fellow man, I will never kiss one other than my children and family on the forehead. Thank you.

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