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Posted November 02nd, 2007 at 06:21pm

Man it's been a while since I posted a blog, but I guess it's about that time... last night was bad ass some good ole pool with my 2 cousins it was fun... me steven and josh went out and played pool then lol of course i ran outta gas it was funny cuz i knew i had to get gas and i didnt lucky i had my trusty gas can i keep in my truck just in case of emergency took me a while to get back and i got back late late late like around 5 or so...

Anyway so this blog is going to most pertain to the phenomenon we call love...

Its weird ya know life and love. I have been reviewing a lot of my life over the past year, a lot of time thinking about stuff i have done i always think, man why the hell I did that, what was I thinking... lol... anyway to the point... the dance we call love.

Its sad how you go from intimacy to nothing, cold turkey, I mean how many people along the way have true meaning in your life then suddenly have no contact, its sad... now that 1 person for me is still out there some place and still I continue on... love is an ugly business, ugly, ugly business and yet we live for it with a passion... we do anything for it... u gotta admit that, married, divorced, got a girl friend, or single it crosses ur mind or u think about it.. that little thing called love.. u pull that memory out and think, remembering about that 1...

No matter how many relationships I got to go through I still beleave in the 1... And somehow that believe is the only one that matters, and in my heart of hearts no matter what that 1 is on my mind somewhere tucked away in my head and there it will remain till I'm an old man, and i'll pull that memory out once and a while... I think that allot of us have that 1 somewhere maybe tucked away and we pull it out every once in a while and, and if for nothing else just remember, a little hurt, a little love but that love is still strong.... no matter the hurt that went allong with that love...

anyway i thought this was a good thing to talk about for once...

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