new to this site, but i like it so far

the audioshaman has entered the building

tall, strong white man, with eyes to melt you.....looking for you...maybe

Posted November 03rd, 2007 at 04:27pm

So im Will, i am new to this site but i like it so far. i have met a couple people close by whom i would not mind meeting thats for sure!

i am just getting out of a couple year long relationship but it seems i find love faster then i want to. i am only looking for fun but thats what i always say, then comes along a special woman and off my heart goes, ahh what a mess i know right?

so for today, just looking for a special friend, one i can hang out with for fun times and freakiness, no drama please been there done that, just want to skip all the bs and get to the point. human beings can not live on bread alone!!!

so lets get to talking and maybe, just maybe i will find someone worth driving a lil bit for. Will

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