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most recent piece entitled "WAKE UP WAKE UP"

Posted November 11th, 2007 at 11:25pm

Wake up Wake up times has changed but the struggle remains the same my mind is going insane I can still feel this pain God please stop the rain. I can't take it no more God please help us but sometimes I'll ask the question is God really alive does he hear me does he hear us? Sometimes the struggles too much WAKE UP WAKE UP to many tears shed on these streets to much blood has been spilled lets get off it this ain't the road to glory to many times has a mother painted broken hearts with her own tears on her dead son's bedroom door just so she can walk into his love again but his empty room is colder than when hell freezes over. I wanna hold her, tell her it's ok but I can't sympathize or empathize I can only share tears more tears to be shed on these streets. He's not coming back home so how can I tell her it's ok cuz its not. WAKE UP WAKE UP to cold sweat dripping down my face, reoccurring nightmares where the little boy is running after the sun but gets burned for chasing a brighter day the little boy is my hope and the sun is my dreams but the sun doesn't shine so brightly anymore and broken down little boys can't find the sun in the dark. So we need to WAKE UP WAKE UP from the trickery and illusions bickering and losing our minds its about time we stop this nonsense and start making some sense gun clips don't make no sense fire arms can't even write it can't even shoot graphite lead is so obsolete so it must be wrong and if u wanna beef pick up a pencil lets see how manly you are. And if that don't tickle your fancy put ur fist up and good luck at least you'll turn out alive. So I turn my wrong cheek left make it the write thing to do even after I get smacked in the face to stay strong and true turn my back and reach for the sun a brighter day must come. I don't reach for no guns I reach out to touch you spit some ish that'll make u think or spit some ish that'll make you twitch like if a bigger gun make u a bigger man why's my pen bigger than your ish??? Whys my pen got more ammo why does my words murder more people yea your gun can kill but my weapon can lift people up and want to live a better life. SO WAKE UP WAKE UP Times has change but the struggle remains the same my minds going insane I can still feel this pain God please stop the rain so we can change. Lets take advice from time and move forward we're going crazy the shoe maker has no feet the poet can not speak photographer can not see the artist has no hands and who can we be? The inevitable warriors with our pencils WAKE UP WAKE UP how many times we've falsified honesty to lie to ourselves to feel better I guess we figured if I keep lying to myself I'll eventually believe myself but we shouldn't lie to ourselves cuz at night we can't lie with ourselves in bed that's why I've become restless And I want to sleep the bags under my eyes are filling up it can't catch my tears anymore. There about to burst open and flood these streets but lets clean up our act and stop acting on foul stench mentalities bring on the bitter fruit to our passions the Big apple is rotten with worms of society the twins can't win championship to other countries that's why they got knocked down by our commissioner leading 2973 fans to the exit. And millions of others broken hearted. What are we fighting for. WAKE UP WAKE UP times has changed but the struggle remains the same my minds going insane I can still feel this pain God please no don't stop the rain. Wash away our sins bring on clouds and thunderous cries so we can WAKE UP WAKE UP from this nightmare.

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