Posted November 14th, 2007 at 08:50am

knowing people is the biggest thing. When you find someone you want to be with that changes everything in life...but when life turn out that it's not going the ways you wanted to go it hurts... and when it hurt, it hurt from the bottom of your heart....but there is always new people to meet in life so that's the happiness of you guys all...

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Male, 30, Lansing, MI


i feel everything happens for a reason. if things don't happen the way i want them to, ultimately, better things happen.

i'm still looking for that better thing in a part of my life, but we'll just have to see i guess :/


Male, 35, Honolulu, HI


Who knows, we might be able to change each of our own world once we get to know each other better. :P Love you more!

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