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Another Day Passes and I'm Still Here

Posted June 04th, 2007 at 03:22am

My hubby showed me this kute viet video on today called You Got Beef. For those of u that havent seen it yet you gotta watch it its kinna funny. When u see it u will understand my one rant about the video. You got an azn gang right? But wuts up with those cars??? I dont know bout yall but the azn gangs i know of gonna ride up in style. They gonna have hooked up civics, beemers, lexus, G35's, 350's, S2's, Evos, ect. You gonna have clean, chromed out, hooked up cars. The cars in that video not so hooked up. N then u goin after the guys that messin with the kid right? They woulda heard that gang comin a mile away. The systems woulda been blastin. Its a simple observation hehe.

Dont forget to watch the You Got Beef remix. Black guys with viet pride? They got love even in their sleep.

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