Kit Homes - The Affordable Building Alternative

Posted October 30th, 2011 at 11:33am

kit homes qldThe small home design really makes sense these days. It's not an simple thing to answer. What I can do, however, is share my experiences with you and provide you with some valuable tips.

Advantages of Using a Kit Home Package

If you're intending to build a small home, it might seem like there's not a whole lot of to it so why would you need to use a packaged home product? But, the fact is, regardless of the size of the home, there are still the same choices to be made, a variety of materials to purchase, and the same contractors to use. Lets look at some benefits:

  • Reduced decisions make the preparation course of action easier and quicker

  • Quicker framework can lower the onsite labor costs

  • Complete materials packages can reduce the necessity to shop

  • Some companies offer easier usage of construction financing

  • A kit home can make a DIY project much more doable

Packaged Kit Home Disadvantages

Small or big, the identical issues arise when creating a home. And it's a blunder to think that just because the home is small, or because you're using a kit home that you won't have issues and problems to solve. I've found the following to become common:

  • Wall framing panels don't always accommodate together perfectly

  • There's a good price mark-up for labour and deliveries

  • Your supplies and style choices are limited

  • Your site must be accessible for big vehicle deliveries

  • You'll need to help safely store many solutions onsite while building

Use These Suggestions to improve Your Experience

After years of working with kit homes, panelized buildings, and small home types, I can offer the following tips and strategies that could make your life easier.

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