The Burg: Too Hip To Be Spared

Who says gentrification isn't funny?

The Burg - a sitcom for the internets

Posted June 04th, 2007 at 09:10pm

The Burg: where hipsters pretend to be poor, starving artists pretend to be rich, and everybody pretends not to notice.

Only in the Burg can a CEO's son cry out against capitalism,

Only in the Burg can a suburban kid strive to be a sitar player on the L train.

Only in the Burg can you pioneer a hip new neighborhood two blocks away from the old one.

Welcome to Williamsburg, Brooklyn - a run-down neighborhood transformed into the hippest corner of New York City. Known as a hub for art, indie rock, and alternative fashion, the 'burg is the world capital of the 'hipster' movement - the young-and-oh-so-chic set who decide what is cool and not cool for an entire generation.

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