RED SEA DIVING - The adventurous Scuba divers Nirvana

Posted November 03rd, 2011 at 07:26pm

Red Sea diving is ideal for those who enjoy a challenge

Red Sea scuba diving has loads to give the adventurous diver. These are several of the popular spots pursued by people with an intrepid nature.

Bells at the Blue Hole
Just a short distance from Dahab, the Blue Hole has become the most famous Red Sea diving site. Visible as a surface lagoon, it's in reality a top to bottom reef shaft. Its greatest point is projected at around 300m. Diving the Blue Hole requires a level head. Plaques remind the living of the numerous divers who have perished here. Many of these were not able to resist the temptation of studying the enticing Arch. This is located at a depth of 100m. Be sure you stay in your depth abilities and this site will not present a risk. Due to its status and popularity the lagoon barrier is sparse and water life scarce. The site is however still really worth diving if you enter through the Bells. This particular little tunnel pushes you out from the sheer wall at a depth of 30m. Many different fish including triggers, parrot fish, surgeon and groupers nonetheless grace the external reef.

Rosalie Moller
Best accessed from Hurghada, the Rosalie Moller rests in a depth of 50m. This site is not for the faint hearted. She is however, one of the better conserved Red Sea scuba diving wrecks. An ex coal-freighter, the Rosalie was sunk by German fighter airplanes in 1941. She is still almost totally unchanged. Large holes in her shell make for easy entry. Those who venture inside will find cookware in the gallery plus a copper steam-whistle pot. Thousands of glasshouse fish have made this spot their home. Reef sharks, groupers as well as tuna have also been seen here. This wreck is made for superior divers only and requires the utilization of specialized apparatus. For all those scuba divers which have not used at all nitrox, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn. High quality diving courses are run by all trustworthy dive companies.

Rocky Islands Northern Coast
This specific spot is actually accessible by liveaboards. Subjected to high winds, strong currents and sea-swell, conditions is very rough at times. Divers traveling here should be of fantastic fitness levels. Long surface area swims tend to be essential to come back to the boat. Those who do brave this dive are going to be rewarded for their endeavours. Sheer, jagged coastal profiles may be viewed. The coral is prolific and unspoilt. It provides home to a diverse varieties of reef fish. Big napoleon wrasse and sharks are frequently seen here.
These are just a few of the more bold Red Sea scuba diving sites. You'll find of course, a great deal more. The spot is serviced by many top-quality diving organisations and tour agents. Look up the phrase 'Red Sea diving safaris' and arrange your ultimate diving trip.

RED SEA DIVING - The ambitious Divers Heaven

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