Specialist Temperature Measurement and Control Services

Posted November 16th, 2011 at 04:44pm

Specialist Temperature Measurement and Control Services have a vast amount of instrumentation and temperature control experience in numerous fields including aerospace, the automotive industry, power generation, water treatment, metal processing and pharmaceuticals and will provide a thorough, professional service. If anybody can help with your problem, it's them

They also offer an extensive inventory of sensor products and instrumentation from transmitters, sensors and thyristors to indicators, thermal imagers and kiln controllers and programmers.

Kiln controllers are made to fit all manner of kilns with all manner of uses. If you enjoy pottery as a hobby or sideline then you will be after a simpler and more cost effective model. The ST 3300/1 is probably the baby for you. These have a single program, delay and 2 ramps and dwells. For those running a small glass studio the next model up, ST 3300/2, would be more suited. These kiln controllers benefit from 10 programs, delay and 4 ramps and dwells. The 10 program, 16 ramp and dwell ST 3300/3 model is ideal for firing, fusing and slumping glass and the ST 3300/4 has all the features of the ST 3300/3 as well as an event function for programmed or manual control of a damper. These kiln controllers are most definitely suited for commercial uses.

For the much larger or industrial oven or kiln, where the load is separated into zones, the ST 3300/5 is the best model. These kiln controllers are similar to the ST 3300/4 models but also benefit from an additional policeman controller which ensures the added protection of your kiln.

These companies can conduct the calibration and servicing of your ovenZequipment on site or in the company laboratory and the calibration is carried out on indicators, kiln controllers, recorders and other instruments using electrical simulation. There is also a collection and delivery service for instrument repair and temperature service so all you have to do is get the damaged article ready and it will then be picked up by the company, repaired and returned to you on site. Pretty good service, if you ask me.

Of course, larger kilns mean larger problems. No one wants to be lugging an industrial oven about the Midlands, so specialist engineers can come and visit you onsite. They will have all the equipment they need to conduct any relevant tests, and diagnose and treat the problem. It’s also well worth having a survey done on your oven, furnace or kiln just to ensure it is working correctly and safely.

Kilns have a long service life, so you may find the component that's just broken in yours isn't made anymore. Fear not. A good industrial temperature services company will still be able to find it for you in ex stock or, failing that, will configure or manufacture the item needed themselves to suit your precise requirements.


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