Turquoise: The Perfect Gift for a December Birthday

Posted November 17th, 2011 at 08:18pm

 The birthstone of December is turquoise, a show-stopping azure gem stone that has been capturing eyes and hearts for thousands of years. Wearing the birthstone associated with your birthday is thought to create good luck and protection, and what better way to wear it than in an elegant turquoise necklace or bracelet, hand crafted and finished in Sterling silver or solid 9ct gold.

Turquoise is made from hydrated copper aluminium phosphate and it is found in igneous rocks which are rich in aluminium. Literally translated it means “Turkish”, a nod to the past when Levantine traders shipped the jewel into Europe via Turkey. Turquoise is among the small amount of opaque gemstones, giving it a distinctive deep-pigmented tone which can vary from green to sky blue depending on its make-up, without or with black veins running throughout the stone known as its matrix. Bright blue is the most sought-after type of the gem stone, an on-trend colour in fashion and jewellery. Turquoise and blue topaz are the birthstones of December, and Turquoise is additionally the traditional gemstone for people celebrating their 6th or 11th wedding anniversaries.

Turquoise was one of the earliest semi-precious stones to be excavated, mainly in the Sinai region of Egypt, Iran, and the south west United States and Mexico. Having been mined since as long ago as 3,000 BC, understandably the supply of the mineral is currently low. This has resulted in imitation jewels becoming prevalent in jewellery in the modern day, resulting in a higher worth placed on real turquoise.

Turquoise offers a historical background rivalled by no other gemstone. The mummy of Queen Zer, the ancient Eqyptian monarch, was discovered adorned in vivid turquoise bracelets when she was excavated in nineteen hundred. She had chosen the precious stone to wear for 7,500 years. And think about the famous gold death mask of Tutankhamen: it too is set with precious turquoise gems.

The reason behind its historical prominence is that turquoise has been highly respected by numerous ancient colonies who considered that it held strong unearthly properties. In Asia the gem stone was said to offer protection against the evil eye, and the Aztecs reserved the stone for the Gods in religious masks. In the 16th century American Indians believed that turquoise embodied the spirits of the ocean and skies, using it as both a way of exchange and also to bring luck and protection to soldiers and hunters.

Even nowadays turquoise is believed to have protective properties. In modern gemstone therapy it is believed to enhance self-confidence and minimize depression, stomach problems, viral infections and rheumatism. If given as a gift turquoise is perceived as a sign of friendship. Whether you believe in these legends or not, it is difficult to ignore the beauty which this eye-catching stone has.

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