If I got you


Posted January 08th, 2008 at 10:45am

If I got you

dont need anythin much

just a hug will do

a kiss will will do

bound to call you my only boo

gotta stay true, needin you

Am i dreaming?

Wow!! what a Hottie...

standing out among every other girl

she shining bright, eyez sparkling

making me say. "OHH!! she must be da one"

heart pounding so loud

wait a sec, take a breath, kick back...

NAW!!! take a step forward

Dis is da only chance I have

Ohh Baby....dis is true

Your beauty is what everythin beauty is.

Let me get ur name 2nite

Let me get to know you

I ain gaming, just being real...

So watta say?

Havin you is da dream I dream come TRUE...

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