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Female, 61, Bassett, AR


I´m searching a human being that
When look at your fellow creature
Do him the goodness as if it were
For your own soul.

Authoress : Maria das Graças Amador, Graça Poeta (Graça Poetess)

Procura-se um ser humano que
Quando olhar para o seu semelhante
Lhe preste a caridade como se fosse
Para a sua própria alma.

Autora: Maria das Graças Amador, Graça Poeta (Graça Poetess)

Please, visit my site:
HAPPY 2016!


Female, 61, Bassett, AR


The break of preconceptions through of human courage in the pursuit of its noblest ideals, maintains winners, as Sir President Barack Obama and the Leader and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.
When we humans, suffer because of our differences, our enemies always will be defeated by our intelligence the service of the well.
Madiba lives in our hearts forever!
Happy holidays!

Maria das Graças Amador, Brasília, Brazil, December 22, 2013.


Female, Age Private, Bassett, AR


THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS DETERMINATION!!!! YOUR OPERATIONAL SYSTEM IS QUITE SURPRISING! WHY SIR DON´T INTERACT WITH THE COMMUNITY????????????????????? ?? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ???????????????


Male, 37, Royal Oak, MI




Female, 31, Washington, DC


You are my hero!


Male, Age Private, Flushing, NY


Hello Mr. President Obama, how are you doing today? I think you are doing a great job manager our nation.

I just would like to know how i can be invited to see the inside of White House.

Please get back to me when you get a chance.


my e-mail is:

Arnulfo (Arnold) G. Rapatalo


Male, 53, India


This are Mr. Hiten Joshi form woodkingindia...!!!
Pls visit Ours industries or Fix Appointment and Make valuable Suggestion of Asian Industry Development .


Male, Age Private, Montgomery Village, MD


Is this really "your" site? Too many people can impersonate anyone on the web today. If you are, maybe you can send a letter of verification to my current address as proof.


Female, Age Private, Dayton, OH


O m g its you im a really big fan


Male, 45, Japan


Dear President.Obama

Hello ,
This is a Japanese citizen.

Your speech about efforts toward the elimination of nuclear weapons
really moved me.
I want to say so much thanks.

I am one of citizens. I don't have political power and I can't approach to diplomacy for USA.
However I support your concept to eliminate nuclear weapons.
Please remenber that any pacifist wants to eliminate nuclear weapons
so that it will surely help you.

And I recommend HIROSHIMA or NAGASAKI as the host town of Summit.

I thank you for your consideration again.
I do hope the wolrd have a really peace.
Mr, Obama
keep on your peacful spirits, I will support it forever with people who want world peace.


Male, 35, Manassas, VA


Greetings from Manassas, Virginia Mr. President!


Female, 27, New York, NY



Female, Age Private, Philippines


Dear Barack,

I listened to National Public Radio yesterday 9/16/08 (Market Place) about the collapse of AIG and Lehman Brothers.

The show also had a portion on why the President can really do little about a failing economy. But it did cite that what a President can do is to lift up the spirits of the citizens and gain confidence in the US economy. The expert cited FDR during the Great Depression, as the President he could do something but could not totally remedy the downfall the US was currently experiencing.
FDR "inspired" the people and the people responded by putting their money back into banks and into financial institutions and started to regain confidence in the system.

The problem is that the current President has a very low approval rating (I believe about 28%) and people can not be inspired by a President that they do not approve of.

This "inspiration" is something that I can see in Barack to help regain back the confidence in the US financial system.

The NP show also cited that the President should know a broader sense about Economics and the Economy but not expected to be an expert.

McCain has year in and year out admitted that he is not adept at handling financial matters. End of story.

Good luck Barack!


Male, 33, China


Dear Barack Obama,

First of all, we can help you gain final victory in your run for the presidency. You are considering the hurricane of New Orleans! We can provide a blue print to you. You should set up a nature disaster prevent and emergency department! You become a chief of party, and other minister become a vice-chief of party.Such blue print can buildup compatibility. We can improve the accuracy of weather prediction and avoid panic situation like New Orleans.

Second, YunFeng is my teacher who can predict people's fortune, polity and including this presidential election. He will help someone and someone will win!Why? He has predicted the hurricane, tornado, thunder! ( x.php?option=com_content&task= view&id=92&Itemid=33) This is my post record in (http://iknowfuture.blogspot.c om/2008/09/my-post-record.html )!If you see the detail,then you can know his ability! Do you know the history of China? If you are familiar with that, then you will know Geliang Zhu, Liang Zhang, Bowen Liu who have supernatural ability and help Bei Liu, Bang Liu, Yuanzhang Zhu to become a king in history of China.

YunFeng told me a special method and I felt it. After that, a large number of floodwater happened in the world! The accuracy is 100% and I can not say in email and phone. The future what YunFeng predicts is high secret and high science. If we take out those stuff, then the community's progress time will curtail 50 years.I hope see your reply in 3 days, or else I will join the other side's camp or publish my viewpoint.

I make a self-introduction. I am a international student and come from China.

Our site:

鿿要你们濾⿿伿中濿濿 中忽忿史⿝翿人翿迿封 信并忿濿们交谿_徿好 翿沿鿿濯叿徿濿吿迿忩 翿忳鿮!
丿丿封信丿提忰翿亿峰 _仿追绿奥巴马带来翿 好夿濯_
1㿿为你们详绿忶宿忿 灾鿾紧濥濿援鿨鿨翿 忿濹桿㿿
2㿿详绿颿訿忨竿鿿迿 彿中翿每丿步绿迿濯 忰位.
3㿿濿吿_帮忩奥巴马 忿彿鿿濻绿.

帿濿鿁丿追尽快濿此信 忨濿翭濶鿴忿转交绿奥 巴马忿翿!
濿吿_祝你们中秿佳迿 快乐㿿丿面濿翿丿濿翿 聿系濹式_

濿濺__646_861-9042 _濿濺_ 忨丿迳忨亿_濿丿7翹 吿濿濶鿴_忨忭丿卿 忨天忨天濿濶鿴濹便 听翵话㿿忠正翿学彿 ,濠忺宿翵话可翨,以叿 忶仿设夿,请谿解!
迿两个鿮箱濯濿常翨翿 _濹便濥濶你们翿翵鿮 _谢谢!

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------

Thank you for your reply. You should find people who understand Chinese and history of China and see this letter and talk about with us! Beautiful communication is triumphal key in conclusion.

Last letter mention YunFeng, he will bring the condition for Obama:
1.Detailedly institute build and set up plan blue print of nature disaster prevent and emergency department.
2.During the electioneeringa, Detailedly predict each detail whether it is targeting or not.
3.In the finally, help Obama successful president elect.

I hope bahadur deliver this letter to Obama in short time as quickly as possible.
In the end, I wish happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Below is my contact method:

Cellphone: (646)861-9042 Free time: After seven o'clock from Monday to Friday in the evening. Saturday morning, All day of Sunday. Because of study abroad,no immovable may use and other equipment, please understanding it!

I ofter use these two email and convenient accept your email, thank you.


Female, 36, Chicago, IL


I'm one of your millions of supporters who truly believe that this is the CHANGE that the country needs.



Female, 31, Netherlands


All the way from Holland, I just want to say that you touch my heart and I truly believe that you can make the change that this world needs, may Allah help you with that


Female, Age Private, Colorado Springs, CO


Greetings to you Mr. Obama,
I just wanted to write to you and say how proud we are of you and what you have done and are doing for this country. never has anyone touched our hearts as you. Being a person of mixed heritage as yourself... I'm Korean and African-American.. you have stood and let it be known that we all can make a diference. Always know that we are praying for you and your family. We believe that God has put you here for such a time as this. My husband has never voted and when I told him that I was working on your campaign he was thrilled. He alwys wants to know... "What is our brother doing now?" We love you and remember Romans 8:28 " And we know thatin all things God works together for our good. For those that love HIM and are called according to HIS purpose." NIV And thank you for coming to Colorado Springs. Always, Keipom/ AKA Joy Evangeline Goode


Female, Age Private, Los Angeles, CA


I want change too Obama! I think this country could be a truly wonderful and magical place with your leadership!

Obama for liiiife! hahaha.



Male, Age Private, APO, AE


Inspired by you and your supporters.


Female, 38, Australia


I'm from Sydney AUSTRALIA down under...
I have good sense of knowledge of people...Educated myself and heard seen the world dilemma.We want change NOW.
OBAMA is what AMERICA is looking for... think carefully on election day!!! the clinton family is disfunctional,if hillary cannot be a good wife and a parent (self evident) how can she run a country?

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